Finding the Perfect Companion: Chapter Seven

In this chapter: The news is revealed as to which 8 students out of the 56 will be representing the school and county in the dance competition. The dance competition starts. David becomes frustrated over learning routines, allowing Edward to calm him down and their secret relationship isn’t as secret as they first thought.


1st October

Providing schoolwork, revision and training for the competition as well as violin practise, David and Edward somehow managed to find moments to themselves on the occasion. Edward, through his experience in dance from classes as a youngster, had an idea that he would be representing the school in the dance competition, but could easily be paired up with some other female, as that had happened in recent years. David on the other hand suspected not to be chosen for the final four to be paired up, and dreamt not to be chosen. Indeed it was an honour to represent your school and county, but this would case an overload, including an eating disorder on top that was gradually disappearing, David could do without the extra chaos in his life. Both of them worried that if either the one or even both of them were put forward, the long hours of practise would distance themselves away from each other, and could possibly alienate all forms of interaction. If this turned out to be a reality, then the Williams’ sisters would be most pleased, especially Anne.

The news would be given at the beginning of their dance session on the Monday afternoon. Between the extra sessions provided on the Friday evening and over the weekend, of twenty-eight pairs, Mr Dubois and Mrs Dancy came down to the final four, following much observation from the last few weeks. The 56 students were gathered in the hall near the entrance, cross-legged on the floor, minus Georgiana who needed a chair. Mr Dubois and Mrs Dancy would then read off the four males that were to go forward, the girls joining them soon after. Once each name had been called out, said student would sit on the nearby bench, separating themselves from the rest of the group.

The first male to be mentioned, which was obvious to everyone through being the best male dancer there was Zachary Keaton. James Whittaker was the next to be read off, following with Edward and then finally David. It came as no surprise to Edward, but David was rather miffed about it. As a result from this decision, either some persuading for them to choose someone else would be needed, or at least some advice. For the girls, Edward and David would keep their partners, and with James and Zach, they would be paired up with the Richmond sisters, James with Joanne, and Zach with the younger sister, Yvonne. Initially, James was meant to be paired up with Georgiana Bennett, but a sprained ankle cost her the opportunity, but was still required in the meeting nonetheless, even if she couldn’t do anything for the next six weeks.

As for the remaining students, the lads would be practising their football skills on the fields – under the direction of Mr Lewis (while the weather was still half-decent), and the ladies would be back at St Anne’s practising their swimming skills with Mrs Tompkins. For the eight students, practising for the dance competition – other than school and exams – was their main priority, meaning that violin sessions had to be called off for the time being. Monday’s and Wednesday’s would have the students training at Hounslow, and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at St Anne’s. Friday was travelling day, unless they were hosting, meaning that classes were held on the morning, and after lunch they would travel to the venue and practise before the show started.

Providing that the names had been announced, the four understudies would also train with the dancers, providing one had to suddenly pull out. The session was used for the remainder of the students as an activity session – where they would require the sports hall two floors up, Mr Lewis taking charge with Mrs Dancy assisting. Mr Dubois first had a meeting with the understudies, followed by the main dancers. Their dances for the first week were the Viennese Waltz and the Charleston. He and Mrs Dancy would be coaching them for the entire competition, following last year’s success, the two coaches training five pairs each.

Once the meeting was over, he took them up outside the hall and into the reception, where the display cabinets were of their successes. Inside the one was the trophy from last year. Mr Dubois asked the receptionist for the key to the cabinet so that the students could take a good look at the trophy – hopefully building their momentum to succeed.

Dubois obtained and undone the lock. “This my fellow dancers…” Leaving the key in the lock, he grabbed the trophy and presented it to the 12 of them, “…is the trophy that we claimed last year. This is what we’re fighting for.”

Zach was the first to question. “To keep the trophy? I thought that was ours for good?”

“Well yes, part of that is truth. We do keep this one, but we’re fighting for another.”

David wasn’t paying attention to Mr Dubois but let his tongue slip anyway, still miffed about being picked. “To initiate the school’s success just to raise the ego even further?”

“I suppose you could put it that way David, but I wouldn’t say that in front of Mr Garrison.”

“I thought the one we won last year was shinier? You know, proper shiny silver? I watched it on the telly and the one Fraser and Juliet rose was really shiny. This is practically old tin!”

Anne clipped her twin around the ear, Mr Dubois stopping the pair from having a scrap. “It was. This is a replica you numbskull! They keep the proper thing there in London. It’s the same for all competitions, like football tournaments for example such as the FA cup.”

“I never knew you we’re a fan of football Anne? And she’s right Eliza, this indeed is a replica, but you don’t tell the others that.”

“I’m not a fan of football. It’s our younger brother Sam who drives it into our heads.”

“Do Fraser and Juliet still attend here? They could give us some advice on how to go with performing, since they’ve been through it.”

“No. Both of them went to a dance academy to continue training. But Marcus, Nigel, Louise and Rachel are still here if you wish to speak to them. I might ask them to come down and you give you guy’s advice later in the week, and observe your dances to find faults and guide you.”

Providing the talk was over, Mr Dubois locked the cabinet back up and handed the key over. Then they went back into the hall for the remainder of the session for a quick practise before a short break.

11th October

Following the assembly that Garrison held on the morning, he reminded the students of Clement House that on the far end of the wall facing the stage was the competition board. This board was used on a few occasions each year – mainly for the dance competition during the autumn term and the Sports activities – inter-house competitions throughout the year and the sports day in the summer term. He wouldn’t have to repeat himself it weren’t for the fact of the Year 7’s and transfers.

Their first school they would face was St Paul’s of Hampshire. Throughout the history of the competition, this was to be their first appearance, therefore making their side all the more suspicious as to how they’d done so well this year, as well as giving them courage to slip through to the second round.

This was the first thing they found out. The second was how tiring and stressful the competition just is, and how much it means to the school. Each morning to keep in shape, the six lads and ladies would go jogging around the school grounds at each of their schools, starting with the Tuesday. Mr Dubois would lead the lads around for 30 minutes at Hounslow, and Mrs Dancy would do the same at St Anne’s. A satisfactory but healthy breakfast, Edward constantly making sure David ate a little more due to maintaining his weight through training was provided soon after and then it was straight into classes, starting with English Language.

By lunch, they were to be in their physical education kits, training for each dance. Having two days to train for each dance – the many gruelling hours to burn to get the dance right, along with the coaches yelling at them for the slightest mistake, it was a wonder the students didn’t break in frustration. David managed to ignore and cope with the shouting on the Tuesday, but by the Wednesday evening, he couldn’t cope. Having to repeat the music the fifth time that night, Mr Dubois observed the dance, and when David forgot to do the lift, Dubois stopped the music and came over to David, where they began a shouting match, Anne whining at David for mucking the routine up.

“Do you want this team to lose and look down on you in shame? Do you want to be at the bottom of the pit? You need to concentrate! If you don’t get it right by tonight, you’re out.”

“Fine. throw me out of it! I don’t care! I don’t care about this crap school or your shitty competition! I really couldn’t give a toss about it. I’ve said this since I started here a month ago. All I want to do is get out of here and go back home, where I receive an actual education!!”

Anne tried to convince David to continue, but he wasn’t falling for it. “Piss off Anne! Just do me a favour and shut the hell up!” David picked up his bag and walked towards the doors, Anne’s heels clicking after her. Dubois howled at him.

“Where are you going?”

David pulled the door open, the door closing with a clang. “To cool off!”

Edward was in the same boat, but managed to cope until Thursday. As David walked out of the hall and through the main entrance, Anne tried to run after him in her heels, but a quick sprint meant he was able to outrun her. He ran towards the fields, Anne giving up and going back inside. Staying there for a few moments by himself, Edward noticed David leave the building in frustration and walked to the fields. Edward grabbed his shoes and went after him, knowing he needed some comfort. On his own, he continued the steps, trying to memorise the dance sequence in his mind. Every time he made a mistake, he kicked the old oak tree in frustration.

“Oi! Don’t take it out on the tree!” David stopped in his tracks and spun around, noticing Edward a metre away with his arms out, David blushing from his mini-tantrum.

“Sorry. I needed something to take my anger out on though.”

Edward wiggled his middle finger, a grin forming. “Come here.” David within in an instant come over, snaking his arms around the taller man as Edward lifted David up by his hips, David curling his legs around Edward’s waist. Leaning his head down on Edward’s shoulder, Edward softly spoke to his lover as he ran a hand through his hair, the other underneath his arse to keep him up.

“Now tell me what’s wrong?”

“Frustration from the Waltz routine.”

“And what part can’t you get right?”

“The lift.” Edward had seen David perform so he knew exactly what lift he was on about.

“Well technically you’re not meant to do a lift in the Viennese Waltz.”

“It’s the show dance.”

“Oh, well fair enough then.”

“Well, how about this for an offer. We’ll practise doing that lift together yeah, and once you’ve got it right, then you go back into the hall and tell them you’re ready to continue. Just pretend it’s me you’re doing it with and once you’ve done it, you can go. And then when you get back, because I know your back is aching, we’ll have a shower after some nice food and then before bed I’ll give you a massage. I bought some new products from the health spa shop in town and I want to try them out, so why not try them out on my darling first, eh. How does that sound?”

“Pretty fair. And then if we have time I’ll you give a reward for being so generous?”

Edward imitated David’s wicked smirk. “I wouldn’t mind it.” Grinning to each other following a tender kiss, David’s legs slipped back around so that Edward could ease back to the ground so that they could practise.

15th October

On the Friday, lessons were off for the day, meaning that extra concentration was needed over the weekend on language studies. On the Thursday night, each student tried on their costumes to make sure it fitted right, and rehearsed in them, to make sure all adjustments were correct. Friday morning was spent travelling, most of the time the students and coach leaving before 9am to make sure there was enough time during the day to practise and perform. Saturday and Sunday was their days off, where they could complete any other homework and to spend time with their friends.

The third thing they found out was how the competition worked. Four judges, all known for professional dancing in their days would judge each dance out of ten, giving forty as the highest score, which was rarely achieved. In fact, the score of forty has only been achieved twice in the many years the competition has taken place, the first in 1976 by John Barker and Eleanor Pankhurst of Lincolnshire, the second in 1989 by Christopher Wilkinson and Zara Liaison of Kent. 16 couples would begin in the first round and eight would be knocked out, leaving eight for the second round. Half would then go into the semi-finals and two would meet in the finals, dancing a total of four dances on the night. Because they met different judges each round, to stay in the competition they would have to be on top form each time.

Coffee and energy drinks were served occasionally on the night to keep the sugar flowing and to keep them awake. Obviously it was only natural that by the end of the night they would all be exhausted. Through preparation of makeup and costume, Anne would find herself lurking around David like a lost child, or a stalker if you prefer. It was bad enough she was his dance partner, never mind an acquaintance outside the training. Edward knew that communicating with David within the next month or so was going to be challenging, but over Anne, he held the advantage of being his roommate as well as his lover. Luckily enough, thanks to some kind-hearted judge, Hounslow and St Anne’s narrowly slipped their way into the next round. Boarding the mini-bus to come home, Dubois was raving on about how they need to drastically improve if they want to see themselves in the final. Although everyone was too exhausted to listen to him now, he’d be sure to remind them all the following Monday morning. On the way back, Anne pulled David to sit next to each other. Anne of course fell asleep on David, her nose crawling its way up his neck, David feeling incredibly jittery and trying to edge far as possible so that he wouldn’t fall off his seat. Edward noticed the gesture and was proud that David wouldn’t give in, but at the same time he was telepathically throwing spears at Anne for flaunting himself in front of his secret boyfriend. He often wondered had had she known about their partnership, would she continue to win him or leave him? Would she blurt the news to the school?

Dropping the ladies back first, the minibus finally arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning at Hounslow. The driver beeped the horn to awake them, one by one stumbling out of the vehicle back to their dorms. Too tired to do anything, David and Edward quickly undressed themselves and flopped into Edward’s bed, their lack of intimacy causing them to share it – well, they are lovers after all – finding themselves spooning by the time they woke next morning.

18th October

Providing last week’s visit to Southampton, the following week would see Hounslow and St Anne’s being hosts for the next round, where they would meet in Reading. Through the choice of venue, being in their own county, this gave them the opportunity to attend the morning lectures, including David and Edward’s violin session going ahead, using the afternoon for preparation and extra rehearsals. If one thing, other than many students needing guidance on how to control their anger and frustration when they screwed things up, the students were disappointed that their competitors were coming from London, as the journey would have provided them a worthwhile trip.

As the team were getting ready for their first dances – Joanne having problems trying to get her dress on and James currently in hair and makeup, and the presenter trying to keep the audience of the school crowds and community calm, Anne caught Edward checking his attire out in the mirror near the back of the dressing room, and went to join him, admiring her own as she flaunted herself.

Anne twirled in her costume, approving the cream flowing dress that she would perform the Foxtrot in. Of course, her eyes diverted over towards Edward, who was concerned with his suit, fussing about with the trousers and shirt. Anne put on a fake smile and judged his outfit. “Not bad.” Technically, she hated the outfit and near enough everything about him, but until now, she had remained civil around him, and by being civil, she could spark up a conversation between the pair.

Edward thought she was being sarcastic, as her character came across as too proud and very cold, and could only add little response. “You think?”

Anne continued, admiring the blazer jacket and the bowtie, straightening it out for him. “It’s not bad on you at all. You look very smart in it.”

“Erm thanks. You don’t look bad either.”

Anne’s hands went to the front of her dress, trying to manoeuvre her bosom into a flirtatious position, more or less that they were near enough poking out from her dress. “Meh, it’s alright but it doesn’t do anything for my breasts.”

Edward ended up choking on air, giving no comment.

Then the usual character of Anne came through, her eyes powerful and superior. “But you know what is bad?”

“You shoving your breasts out of your dress for everyone to notice them to try and win us points?”

“Very funny, junior.”

Edward shifted from one foot to the other, checking the TV screen to see what was going on down at the dance floor. He was barely listening, but replied to her, giving the indication that he knew that she was still there. “Nope but I have a feeling you’re going to tell me.”

“Look at me!!!” Edward turned to Anne, focusing his attention on her, hoping she’d soon shut up. “Alright, keep your wig on!”

“What’s bad is that you’re trying to take my boyfriend away from me. You see him all of the time, too much I think. I know you’re his roommate and we all know you have a crush on him but he’s mine! So back off!”

Anne had come out with some ridiculous things over the few weeks that they had known each other for, but this was by far the most stupid. Edward had to hold in his fits of laughter, using the TV screen as a distraction. “Oh really. When did you start dating?”

“Just over a week ago.” Anne seemed rather convincing and a rather good liar, but not convincing enough to make Edward superstitious. “The news must be rather slow at approaching then, since as I’m his roommate and the first to know everything. I know it’s his and your business so I must congratulate you. Forgive me, I shall not bother you no more.”

“He didn’t tell you? Oh, okay. Yeah David and I are going out.”

“Nah, he didn’t mention it. If I’d of known then I’d of backed off. It’s just that, other than dance classes, you’re never here and David never goes out, unless it’s with me or George.”

“Well now that you know stay away from him.” Anne gave a scowl and left to commune with Eliza and the other girls. Edward had to enter another room before he could hysterically laugh, sides splitting over the thoughts of Anne and David dating. Whether David had been told of the news was another question, and Edward never got the chance to find out until after his first dance of the evening. Finding out his score, which led to much applauding, Edward went into the dressing room to grab a cup of coffee. It wouldn’t be long before he would have to change to perform his second dance. David was relaxing against a sofa catching up on sleep when Edward joined him.

Edward tapped David’s shoulder as he approached for a sideward hug, lips approaching David’s ear. “Oi! You’ve got another dance to do yet. If you’re tired, grab a coffee.”

“Hello love,” David awoke to find Edward next to him as without thinking he leant in for a kiss, Edward pulling him up. Before David could kiss him, Edward placed his fingers against David’s lips, a frown forming on David’s face. As much as Edward wanted to kiss David, he was not going to be doing this in public when anyone could be about. David yawned, stretched his limbs and lay his head on Edward’s shoulder.

“Sorry, I’m knackered that’s all.”

“Come on now, you’re doing well. One more dance and then you can sleep. If you need energy, get some coffee.” David noticed the warm cup in Edward’s hand, and then grabbed it, knocking some of the sugary substance down his throat. “Oi!” David handed back an almost empty cup.


“You sod! I said get some, not pinch mine!”

“Well I left you some.” Unable to win this debate, Edward knocked the remainder back and then found a bin. Knowing he had a little time left before the preparation for his next dance, and that David was on the urge to snog him in direct public, Edward grabbed David’s hand. “Where are we off to?”

Edward’s tone went to a sharp whisper, pulling him close so that only they could hear each other. “We’re not doing it here. Follow me.” Edward took David’s hand to a small door that was open, leading into a small private room. What they didn’t realise was that Anne had watched the pair move from the sofa to the small room, and crept along, finding out exactly what was going on between them. Gently closing the door behind them, Edward leaned against the door, David in front of him, hands travelling everywhere.

“Now go ahead.” David kissed Edward as if they were departing from each other for good or if the world was ending, both playing the fight for dominance as Edward brought him closer, trying to hush each other’s moans. Anne was outside the door listening in. She had an idea that David was lying the day Edgar suspected the couple attached, and now knowing the truth to her disgust, if she couldn’t win him over, she would have to force them apart. Stopping for air, Edward quizzed David over the Anne declaration. “Dave? Have you heard Anne’s news?”

David latched on to Edward’s jaw, stopping for a brief moment to speak. “What news?”

“Well, according to Anne, you pair are dating.”

David choked, snorting with laughter, trying to keep it low just in case anyone was nearby. “Oh really, well that’s news. I wonder whether Eliza has mentioned she’s dating you?”

“Nope, haven’t heard a word. And if she did it’s known as yuck because I can do so much better than her. I already have. You see, what Anne doesn’t realise is that I’m taken.” Edward was concerned about the alienation of their relationship, and needed to hear David promise him something. “Dave? The competition won’t break us apart won’t it?”

In the darkness, from Edward could tell, David faintly smiled and reassured Edward, kissing his cheek. “Oh Ed,” another kiss “though we don’t spend as much time together, we will always be together, through thick and thin…”

“I meant like boyfriends, not our wedding vows! All I’m saying is, promise me you won’t abandon me.”

“Never. You know I’m taken by a very attractive man and that isn’t going to change,” which led to a beam and more kissing, David undoing Edward’s bowtie and the top two buttons to relish in his neck, hands roaming across each other when the door budged, someone banging on the door. They never broke until they Anne screeching, the door being banged and kicked in.

“David you cheating slut!”

“Shit!” Both mutely muttered.


“You denied you weren’t! You denied in front of everyone and then had that fight!”

David broke away and unlocked the door, turning the light on so that they could all see each other, Edward coming away from the door. “Come inside and I’ll explain.” Anne stomped her way in, her heels clicking across the floor, already trying to erupt violence by shoving David against the wall and slapping him across the face. Edward pulled Anne away from David, Anne kicking her feet as she was lifted to other side of the room and then dropped back down, Anne twisting her ankle.

“Ow shit! Edward you cow! You didn’t have to drop me like that!”

“You shouldn’t have slipped him. You’re not dating him you little bitch so don’t come lying to me!”

“You said you didn’t love him!”


“Back last month when you and Edgar fought in dance class. He said that you were a homosexual but you were too afraid to admit it. That you longed to put your arms around Edward and shag him until you pair couldn’t think straight.”

“He was tantalizing me. If I’d of confessed he would have told everyone and look where we’d be then. Garrison would have kicked us out and we’d have some form of restraining order where we weren’t allowed to see other. I weren’t going to let that happen.”

“So you lie to everyone?”

“I never knew at the time what my heart wanted. I was letting my head rule my heart. We weren’t dating at the time anyway.”

“Oh, so you’re dating is that it?”

“Would you quieten down? I don’t want the whole world to know!”

Anne paused, knowing they were breaking the rules already and then gasped. “Oh my god! Oh god no! You’re dating in secret?”

“With the rules we have, of course we’re dating in secret!”

“So you love each other? As in tongue snogging, sex and sleeping together every night for the rest of your lives?”

Both of them grinned at one another and then grinned at Anne, knowing exactly what their hearts wanted. “Yes, and that we also deeply care about each other as a close friend would.”

Anne shuddered and backed away. “Ugh that is disgusting! How you possibly love each other like that?”

“It might sound revolting to you, but we do. And regardless of what you say or mention, we’ll still love each other.”

“This is ridiculous. How are we even supposed to perform if we’re meant to look realistic if your mind is on men rather than women? Here’s the deal, Dancy and Dubois are going to have to know about this. I will dance with you tonight, but from next week you’re going to have to get Clara or Roxanne to dance instead with you.”

Edward was going to kill her but David held him back, telling Anne himself. “You are not telling them! We’ll be thrown out and speculation will arise. Remember this thing is national, so all news goes national.” Anne left the room in a foul mood, closing the door behind her. Knowing they still had some time left, even if they were curious as to whether Anne would spill the beans or not, Edward went to lock the door and turned off the light, stumbling back into David’s arms as they continued with where they left off.

21st October

Following that Anne and David managed to pull off their dances regarding of Anne finding out about David and Edward’s secret affair, twisting her ankle thanks to Edward and then somehow slipping into the semi-finals, the following Monday led to much bickering when it came to training that morning, Mr Dubois giving them a little time away from each other to let steam off. When she returned to the school that Monday afternoon, she automatically went to see Mr Dubois, who was on his way to the assembly hall carrying the music stereo and CDs. David had already arrived, coming from Ashbury house in his t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, where David was stretching and going through sections of the routine. Calling David over, he had an announcement for the pair. Anne also had an announcement.

“Sir?” Anne had asked at least ten times before he caught her attention, only to keep her quiet as he prepared the music station.

“What is it Anne?”

“I’m pulling out of the competition. Last Friday David and I had a major argument and we haven’t been on best terms since, the main reason for our constant bickering this morning. We would have mentioned it sooner but we wanted the night to go smoothly. I’ve taken the lunch period to think it over, and I think it would the best option for the pair of us, unless David pulls out and I remain.”

“You can’t pull out. You’re our best female dancer.”

David sought his opportunity to walk out of the competition. “Well let me pull out then. My councillor has already advised you to not let me perform to my health. It’s not going to hurt if I pull out, and at least you can say the truth instead of making up some blatant lie.”

“No way I’m letting you do that. In this world and in these situations such as this it’s known as shake hands and get back to work.” Groaning, David and Anne were forced to shake hands, Mr Dubois soon adding “Now enough of that and onto this week’s dances. For the first a new element is required, so I hope you’re good actors. A kiss – and when I say a kiss, I mean a decent smooch is to be involved at the end of the dance.”

Both choked on air, both detesting the idea. “No bloody way! I’m not kissing her!”

“And there’s no way I’m kissing him! Anyone else but him and Edward. I’d rather kiss Edgar, and that’s saying something.”

“Ugh, is this about that argument again a good month ago? David said Edgar was telling fibs so I can’t see your problem. I’m not sure about you David. What is wrong with kissing Anne?”

“I won’t kiss her because…” David pondered on whether he should be done with it and tell the truth, but couldn’t help but feel the pain of their reputation ruined, not just for Edward and himself, but for the whole school as well, and so remained quiet on that answer and came up with a slightly similar one. “Because one no offence but I don’t find her attractive and two I’m dating someone else and it wouldn’t be fair on them, especially when they will see the performances happen.”

“Ah come on David, you take Drama. It’s only acting! You see all the actors kiss goodness knows who and they’re married to someone else. If they can then you can.”

“Fine! I’ll do it. But if we bugger it up and we’re out on Friday this is your doing Dubois.”

Following the training session that afternoon, the minute Dubois called it a day, David grabbed his gym bag from off the bench and jogged his way straight back to Ashbury. Completely miffed, the minute he walked into his room, he dropped his gym bag on the floor to have Edward leap up from his bed to greet him with a kiss, Edward’s arms coiling around David’s waist as David leant in, David’s arms around Edward’s neck. “Good session?”

Kissing Edward was the one thing that David needed, something to ease the tension. Breaking away, he replied with “Yes and No” and dropped onto Edward’s bed, not bothering to make the extra few steps and land onto his own.

“What’s up?” Locking the door, Edward continued to quiz him as he slid onto the bed and slid David’s top off, David on his front as he sank into the pillows. David heard a draw open and the top lid opening, then felt something cold with a coconut fragrance being squirted on him. “Jesus that’s cold!”

“Sorry, but it’ll help you.” Edward’s hands were then massaging the ointment into David’s back to ease the tension and get the older to relax a bit, peppering kisses on David’s lower neck, David easing as Edward massaged deeper, straddling David. “Now, tell me what’s up. What’s bothering you? If something’s happened then I want to help you. You know I don’t like seeing you upset.”

David twisted his head to the side so that he wasn’t muffling into the pillows. “Ed, you don’t mind me kissing someone else do you?”

“Depends on the situation.”

David grabbed the pillow and clenched hard to the fluffy object, trying to find words to describe the situation. “For the first dance, Dubois wants Anne and I to kiss and when he says kiss, he means a proper long smooch. The dance is a tale of two lovers.”

“Since it’s for a dance routine it’s fine. Are you okay with it though?”

“I understand it’s just acting but I can’t help but feel guilty, and I’m truly uneasy about it. I’m sorry but kissing Anne is like kissing a dead toad from one of the science labs.”

“Have you protested?”

“Yes and it didn’t work. The other annoying substance is Anne. She came in this afternoon wanting the attention of Dubois as if she was five years old, kept asking so it drove you up the wall. She admitted she wanted to pull out regarding the incident on Friday, using the word ‘argument’. He directly responded saying that it was impossible due to no substantial reason, and carried on with his idea, making us shake hands and get on with it. We both detest the idea of kissing each other, and both protested. She almost came to admit about us when I told her not too. To stop her mentioning about us last Friday, I even offered to quit. Thankfully I came up with the answer that I was seeing someone and felt it wrong to kiss someone else, keeping names withdrawn.”

Edward scraped his fingernails down David, David enjoying the sting. “I’m going to kill that bitch.”

“You’re not the only one.”

Edward leaned down and kissed David’s cheek for comfort. “Dave, it’s just acting. And when you come to kiss her, pretend it’s me there, not her.”

“She looks nothing like you!”

“I know. But just think of me though hmm, wonderful, attractive and sexy me.”

“Hey, let’s not get to cocky now! Although that is damn true.” Twisting over onto his back from his massage, he pulled Edward down into a snog so that they were both eventually undressed, teasing and tasting each other. David eased himself off the bed and went in the direction of the bathroom, presumably wanting a shower before dinner, not caring if their clothing was sprawled across the floor in numerous piles.

“I’m going for a shower. I suppose you’ll be joining me?”

Edward soon got up afterwards and changed into his nightwear earlier than usual, a pair of jeans a t-shirt nearby. “I’ve got an assignment to do.”

“Fine, suit yourself.” Edward left him to it and started on his first assignment of the evening, soon giving up as he could here moans coming from David within a few minutes from the en-suite bathroom and went to join him.

25th October

Since the idea came to Dubois and passed on to David, David had been uneasy. Receiving very little sleep throughout the week, even with the comfort of Edward next to him, he performed poorly through his classes. The frustration of the dance competition was causing David’s eating disorder to become worse. By Thursday, Dubois wondered whether David would be fit enough to perform on the night, and so got Anne to practise with Oliver as a backup, David partially chuffed. Although David wouldn’t have minded the night off, he didn’t want to let the team down, and so practically begged to be kept in play, not realising what the competition was doing to him, which worried Edward. By Friday afternoon, David slept through the entire journey to Swansea, where they were to meet West Glamorgan High, and by the time he was in costume, David was practically trembling.

Leaving the dressing room after having hair and makeup done, David found a small TV screen outside and was currently watching James and Joanne perform. This meant that he was up next. Anne happened to follow David out, heading towards the back door. The back door led them onto the stage. Noticing her partner was not in the best of spirits, and neither was she, she would make sure that they would go out there and get it done with. Thankfully the kiss occurred on the first of the two dances, meaning it was over and done with quicker.

Tapping his shoulder to get his attention, David turned to find Anne, rubbing her uncomfortable shoes against the floor. “I hope you’re ready and damn I hate these shoes!”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes. I just need a moment.” Anne said nothing and continued on.

With the dressing room door slightly ajar from the constant number of people dashing in and out, Edward noticed David trembling and came to reassure his lover. Making sure the coast was clear, Edward slid his arms around David from behind and gently swayed him, nose buried into his hair as he planted a kiss.

“Shh, it’s okay. You’re going to be fantastic. You look fantastic.”

“More like I’m going to screw it. I’m going to cost us this competition and I just can’t do it!”

“Look at me.”

Hesitating, David turned around so that they were face to face, Edward stroking fingers across David’s cheek and neck, placing his other on his shoulder. “You are going to go out there and show them judges who is boss, and I’m going to cheer you on the whole time.”

“I still don’t like the idea.”

“Just once, that’s it. One kiss and then you never ever have to kiss her again. And then you can give me a million more.”

“You better get me some mouthwash after this and a reward.”

“Deal. I also have the mouthwash covered. Damn your beautiful.” Edward leaned in and lightly kissed David, trying to avoid wrecking the makeup and hair, as David hugged Edward to try and calm himself down, planting kisses where he could.

“Thank you.” David returned a few back.

“Come on, I’ll lead you down.” A male voice cleared his throat and both jumped to the foreign sound. Dubois noticed their encounter, which only made David worse, tensing up. Both were statues and let go of each other as Dubois questioned them. “What do we have here?”

“Erm…” was all David could say, holding Edward’s hand for protection. Edward on the other hand had the courage to stand up for their rights, regardless of whom he was talking to. Edward placed his arm around David and reeled him in, comforting his lover whilst he confronted Dubois. “What do you think it looks like?”

“So this is why you wouldn’t kiss her. Lads you know the rules.”

“What’s wrong with kissing someone? You kiss your wife.”

“That’s different.”

“No it’s not. So you’re married, big deal. I bet you half of the Hounslow lads are dating women from St Anne’s or dating each other!”

“Yes, but you’re both Hounslow boys. Find a pretty lady and test dummy on her if you’re desperate.”

“We’re not desperate and we don’t do girls. We’re gay, get used to it. If you don’t like it well then sod off!”

“You know that you’re not allowed to date in school, and you know that homosexuality is forbidden in the bible.”

“Like we give a shit!”

“I will not tolerate your language Edward.”

“What part of we don’t do girls don’t you get? We’re not religious anyway so don’t come all gospel to us and love or lump it, we love each other. Homosexuality is not illegal, and it’s not as if we’ve done anything underage so you can’t say anything.” Okay, that was a partial lie but Edward wasn’t going to let on about that.

“For now, I’ll let it slide, but come Monday you both might find yourself in a sticky situation, especially once Mr Garrison knows about it. Now dance floor Chamberlain!”

‘Yes Sir.’ Dubois escorted David to the dance floor, Edward grabbing onto David to kiss him good luck.

“Okay, time to go David. Let him go Edward.” David was pulled away, Edward left alone backstage and their relationship on the verge of jeopardy.


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