Finding the Perfect Companion: Chapter Six

In this chapter: The Hounslow lads are introduced to St Anne’s Year 11 students, where the training for the dance competition begins. David and Edward are introduced to their dance partners – the Williams sisters, Anne and Eliza (Elizabeth). David has trouble learning to dance and the stress begins to build up, so he seeks help from Edward, which strengthens their bond. Also David has a very important but risky decision to make, which could go two ways, and Edgar is tantalising the lads again.

19th September

Moods were set high as the dance practise sessions were underway. By noon that Monday, the year 11 girls from St Anne’s were over for lunch – where for once, lunch was held in the assembly hall. The intention of this was to get to know their dance partners in advance before training for the competition begun. The pairs had been announced earlier that day, and the lunch break provided the opportunity to get to know one another before their first practise session began later in the afternoon. Of course if their coaches – Canadian ballroom champion Jean Rene Dubois  and former Come Dancing winner and Choreographer Elizabeth Dancy found any problems between the pair and that they wouldn’t cooperate early in, then they could swap.

During the physical education classes for the last two weeks, Mr Dubois had been teaching them the basic steps for the male lead in ballroom dancing, and now it was time to team up with a female partner, where the two coaches would eventually decide which four couples would be leading them on to the National Youth Ballroom Dance Competition. Held annually, Hounslow and St Anne’s triumphed last year, giving the school automatic entry as representatives of their county.

Initially to enter the contest, every county would make a decision on whether to enter. Those who did held a contest for the participating schools, the victor leading them towards the nationals. Once a school was decided upon, they would perform in front a host of judges. The judges would give them scores on their performance. With the victor gaining automatic entry, and the school representing for a second year unless they pulled out, the top fifteen schools would gain entry to the nationals, where the actual contest would take place.

David and Edward were introduced to the Williams’ sisters. Anne, the older  of the two twins, would be pairing up with David, whilst Edward would pair up with the younger sibling, Elizabeth – better known as Eliza. Also from York, David found it rather easy to communicate with Anne, knowing the dialect. Edward wouldn’t find it too difficult to communicate with Eliza either, considering that Edward fully understood David’s dialect.

Anne and Eliza were indeed identifiable as twins. With the same facial features, Anne had long, frizzy brunette hair, whereas Eliza’s was shoulder length and also frizzy. Both had olive skin and dark brown eyes. They both had a tall, wiry frame and were rather flirtatious and social, Anne a smidge more than Eliza.

Indeed, Anne was a very fine person, but one thing many of the lads couldn’t understand was why they needed to dress up for the sessions. From Wednesday onwards, they would be wearing their gowns, complete with their heeled shoes. The only exception David could find for this was that they needed to practise in their heels so that they didn’t bugger up on the dance floor. But for today, it was just ordinary physical education kit. The girls wore their leotards with skirts in navy with a pair of strapped heels. David admired Anne for her confidence, but she was a rarity in two ways. One, she was a dance champion in Ballroom, Latin and Ballet, whereas David barely knew sod all. Secondly, she was the first female to take a fancy towards David. However, the love was unrequited. Whilst Anne had a crush on David, David had his mind far focused on someone else, and through Anne he realised just how much he was in love with Edward.

The class however never had high hopes though, which led the students to lacking enthusiasm. Across the dance floor the pairs had enough space to use. Mr Dubois and Mrs Dancy taught the simpler steps and dances first, progressing to the harder ones in the coming weeks. Both were immensely strict, pointing out everyone’s flaws and howling at him or her until they got it right. Some, such as Eliza, could cope with their tolerance – having been used to this from the many years of training – others however couldn’t. They knew that the strictness was in order for them to progressively improve, which by the end of the few weeks in training, the classification in talent and skill between all the students could be seen. Dave was one of those students who could only tolerate so much though.

Walking into the bedroom  after being shouted at many times for making the wrong move in class, David threw a mini-fit, in the end crashing to his bed to calm down, Edward walking in a little later. Edward noticed David’s frustration through the messiness of the room, David having thrown stuff about when he first entered. Walking over to David’s bed, David budged over a little so that Edward had access to a little room on the bed. Edward soothed David as he removed the pillow off David’s head and ran his fingers through David’s golden locks.

“Bad day?”

“You don’t want to know,” David muttered with sarcasm as he rolled his eyes before his face hit the pillow.

Edward stroked his back as he returned his reply. “Yes I do. I’m interested and I want to help you. like you help me.”

“The amount of shouting I got off Mrs Dancy and Mr Dubois is unbelievable. I know I’m not a dancer and I’ll never reach the final eight anyway, but they could go a little easy on me. don’t you think?”

“Well yes. but that’s them for you. From what I’ve heard over the years, they’ve always been strict, but they know what they’re doing. Last year was the first time we won, and neither school nor county has won the competition twice in a row, and of course they want to be the first to turn that around. The closest we got to winning was back in 1989, when Berkshire came third. Because of our lame duck years, they were called in two years ago to help turn it around. That year we represented our county for the first time, and last year we won, so they must be good. But you can also turn that around as long as you put your mind to it and listen to them.”

David huffed and shifted so that he was face to face with Edward, pillow now on the floor. “And then there’s Anne and how she attempts to hit on me.”

From glances across the day, Edward had not understood David’s subtext of his feelings towards Anne. “You don’t understand, she’s not my type. I mean really not my type, and I’m already in love with someone.”

Edward’s face fell flat, not knowing how to respond to David’s honesty, and felt a pang of jealousy when David mentioned his love interest. “Oh. Really though, are you alright?”

“Not really, my mind is in a muddle I guess.”

As much as Edward loved talking to David, and felt he held the responsibility of keeping his companion happy, he still needed to focus on his student life. “I’ll leave you in peace. Take my thinking spot if you wish. I’m just going to get some books for my Geography assignment so I’ll you later.” Luckily the fire that broke out didn’t affect the thinking spot place, and so all was clear to head back out there. Edward leant down to kiss his forehead, shooting a warm smile at him and then silently left for the library. Instead of having peace or going to the thinking spot, David’s snoozing was mildly interrupted when George crept in.

Hearing someone open the door, David groaned from disturbance. “Ed? Is it tea already?” David grabbed the pillow from nearby – Edward tidying up before leaving the room – and aimed the pillow at George’s head.

George dodged the pillow, firmly catching the soft object in his hands. Placing the pillow back down on the bed, George took Edward’s former spot on the bed. “Hey mate.” David huffed. “What’s with you?”

“Men and Women.”

“Why? Tell me.”

David’s voice was mere silent, knowing that anyone could easily be eavesdropping outside, and he wished for his secret to remain near enough hidden. To David, George was the only one he could trust, minus Jason and Edward, but he didn’t have the courage to open up just yet to Edward, and Jason was too far away to seek advice. “Well, you know about my affections for Edward.”

On hearing the name ‘Edward’, George became buzzed on the topic, now deeply interested. George had the idea that David had gone and blown his chances of dating his beloved, and was desperate to hear the news. “Yeah…”

“Well… we kissed last Saturday.”

George’s mouth had formed an O-shape, the news too good now to back out of. David sealed his palm over George’s lips to trap the sounds that George had muffled out. Once the moment passed, his hang glided away back to his side. “What! When were you going to tell me?”

“Shut up a minute. Anyway, we kissed and I backed away.”

“What? Why?”

“Because some stupid voice in my head said it wasn’t right to kiss him. I kept thinking on how someone would walk in and find us there tangled together as we smooched, and then Jason came up in my head – even though we’re never going to be together and how I feel guilty about kissing someone else even though he’s dating someone else.”

George imitated the face-palm gesture, knowing David had truly blown it up, and now needed help on how to settle this and win Edward’s affections. “You fool!”

“I know I’m a fool!”

“Listen mate, you need to let go of Jason. For one he’s dating someone already, yes he might be nice and all that but those brief kisses, snogs and stuff were just part of a mini-fling yeah. Listen to me, you have a man out there – or wherever he is…”

“The library.”

“In the library yeah and he bloody loves you and he wants you as his man and you want him, so I’m telling you to let go of Jason because if he properly loved you then he would have told you by now, don’t you think? I’m saying that if you love Edward that much then bloody snog him, tell him that you love him you want him to be your man and do whatever else you have to. We have locks on these bedroom doors for reasons – use it to your advantage, if you know what I mean.” George flirtatiously winked at David, giving David the signal as what to do.


“I’m serious.” George cheekily grinned. “I know you want to. You’re curious about doing it with him because you find him irresistible and want to see him naked. Is he a good kisser?”

“Yeah, he’s brilliant and oh he’s so gorgeous.” Of course whilst George listens and understands people, he was also interested in the details. “Who kissed who?”

“He kissed me and it was amazing. Ugh I shouldn’t have pulled back.” George was squirming with glee, happy for his friend and proud to be correct on his theory. “See, I told you that he loves you. You’re a fool because you’re still in love with him.”

David on the other hand had no way of backing out, and could admit his secrets to George. David pulled his head into his hands, ashamed of himself. “Yes, I flipping love him. Every time I see him I want to shower him in kisses, rip his clothes off to see him totally naked and have him against the wall, surrendering to me, wanting me and ravishing me as I send him into oblivion.”

“Okay, okay, don’t need the fantasy!” David giggled a little, still sighing.

“Then go for him. Let your heart rule your head for once. And what about women?”

“Anne, my dance partner, she’s trying to hit on me.”

“And you don’t like her?”

“No. And what makes it worse is that I told Edward earlier about it and I said that I was already in love with someone else. He was jealous and thinks I mean Jason and not him because I was trying to give him the hint that it is him that I want and oh I’m so truly fucked up!”

“Then you need to tell her the truth. Yes, it may cause great pain, but at least you’ll know. Just say that you’re already with someone.”

“Well, I hope to be anyway.”

“Well there you go then. Do it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If you love each other then that’s all that matters.” The lads shared a quick hug.

“I recommend you become a councillor. You’re brilliant with advice.”

“Thanks but no thanks.” George started to play the air guitar. “Rock star life for me. I’ll see you downstairs at dinner.” George lightly got off the bed and closed the door behind him, having an idea that David either wanted to sleep or at least have a little quiet time before dinner. Alone, David just grabbed the pillow and groaned into it in frustration.

21st September

Providing an improvement as a student in Hounslow, with the help of Edward, George and his councillor Mrs Withers in terms of behaviour, David was starting to slip in his studies, finding the weight of studies, violin practise and dancing barely bearable to manage. With the difficulties in hand, David sought advice from his councillor. Due to his studies and the dance contest, David was to take violin sessions less frequently. During the Friday morning, deciding to have a session that day, David struggled with his violin piece, getting frustrated at any given moment. He gave up when he couldn’t get one part right in the second movement.

David dropped his violin and bow on the chair nearby his stand, and kicked the door in frustration, grimacing soon afterwards. “Aggh shit! I’m sorry, I can’t do this.”

“It’s okay. It’s hard, I know.” David was still flinching from the pain. A smirk came to Edward’s face, trying not to laugh. “That hurt didn’t it?”

“Yes it flipping well did.”

Edward placed his arms out. “Come here you big idiot.” David never moved, and so instead Edward dropped his own violin and bow, placing them gently – because the violin was his own and incredibly expensive – onto the table and pulled David up from the door and pulled him into a hug. He guided David back to his station, and picked up David’s instrument and got him into his correct position. It would be harder to guide David, as David was right-handed whereas Edward was left-handed. Reading the notes, Edward instructed David and got him to play the sequence correctly, which took a few attempts, but soon enough David was once again back on track. As they practised – Edward holding and guiding David – both leaned into each other to their best ability as they swayed to the composition. It was a sad piece, which a story could easily be created out of it, but beautiful nonetheless. Following the perfection of the composition, they wondered whether George had the ability to come with lyrics to the instrumental, making the foundations of a new song for his band.

23rd September

By now, David knew that there was no way he would be able to represent Hounslow in the competition, and needed instant help to learn to dance, now having his problem of the compositions sorted. David knew that Edward was a keen dancer and was rather talented at it – having required dancing lessons from a young age; and so on the night before they went to bed, David was embarrassed as he asked the question, writing a letter to his parents at the desk. Edward was padding around the bedroom getting changed, not long coming back in from a shower, hair still damp.

David shuffled in his seat, not knowing exactly how to ask the question. Edward could clearly see – even if he was focusing on his clothing – that something was on David’s mind, and he needed the right words to properly ask him. “Ed, I know this is embarrassing, but I need your help.”

Starting to hang away his uniform, he immediately dropped them onto his bed and joined him at the chair, bending down so that they were level with each other, a hand resting on David’s shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

“Please do not laugh but can you teach me to dance?”


“Yeah, just the basics, I’m useless and no offence to anyone else but I’m sick of the shouting I get and I don’t want to look like a right idiot out there.”

“You’re not useless and you’re not an idiot – other than hurting yourself at violin practise two days ago, you just need a helping hand.” Edward continued getting changed, heading over to the closest and he pulled his t-shirt off to reveal his milky-white skin, David’s eyes raking up and down Edward’s torso in satisfaction, eyes going wide. A lump formed in David’s throat. Edward quickly stashed the uniform away into the closest, neatly of course, now left in only his pyjama bottoms. “Come.” Edward gave his finger a little wiggle as to signal for David to come closer.

Following his finger and beady but intriguing eyes, David slipped out of the desk chair and met Edward half way in their room. Edward positioned David as Edward began to move them, showing David the steps. Harder to concentrate without music, Edward found it easier to hear himself as well as David, the sounds coming from both made the scene more intimate. On that night not much could be taught though, both into their beds within 15 minutes of the question being asked.

25th September

Within two nights, David’s dancing skills had grown stronger, now ready to face Anne at the next session and actually have a chance of representing the school, which proper training began the week after once the names of the representatives were announced. The final night before the next session saw the boys swaying to music – which was kept low so that they could still hear themselves and not get anyone else worked up from it, the others trying to sleep. They were much closer than they first were. Through the intimacy, arms disobeyed instructions and moved to where they fancied or desired. Both had the urge, eyes wide, to kiss and devour one another, but neither was brave enough to make the first move.

It was during the night that David was awoken by muffled crying and screaming, Edward tossing and turning in his bed as he kicked the duvet and his arms fought in mid-air.

“Where are they? Don’t put me in an orphanage!”

David realised that Edward has having a nightmare over the loss of his parents, as they were the most important of Edward’s life that he’d lost. David slipped out of bed and climbed onto Edward’s, cocooning him in is arms and whispering words to him.

“It’s all right, ssh, you’re with me and you’re safe.”

Miss Howard heard the noise and wandered in, trying to help David to rouse Edward from the nightmare. David shook him awake.

Edward placed a hand to his head, which signalled for the pair that a migraine was coming on. Edward stopped still and glanced at both David and Miss Howard, before questioning himself. “Where am I?”

“You’re at school Edward. You’re in your room. You were having a nightmare.”

Edward knew that it was dark and everyone was asleep, but the alarm clock was on David’s side of the room and there was no other clock nearby. “What time is it?”

‘Two in the morning and you’re here and well. See?”


“I’ll go and fetch some paracetamol and a drink for you to take them.” A few minutes later she returned with a glass of water and two tablets. Handing them over to Edward, he soon downed the pills and water, receiving the empty cup back. “I’ll leave you two alone.” Closing the door behind her, she took the cup back to the kitchen and returned to her own room. Leaving the lads alone, Edward began to sob, trembling from the recent spell. “I’m sorry.”

“Whatever for? These things happen. Ssh, it’s okay. Everything is going to be okay.” David sheltered Edward and soothed him, stroking fingers through his hair like he did a few weeks ago with the Edgar scenario.

“I have these nightmare spells that emerge from time to time. It was common at first when my parents had recently died, become more of a rarity over the years. It’s only on occasion that the nightmare returns.”

“Does the counselling work?”

“It doesn’t make much of a difference. It only helps when someone is literally with me, knowing I haven’t travelled back to 1990.” Edward leaned up so that his eyes met David’s, fingertips going to his neck and cheek to stroke, gliding down his shoulder. “Stay with me tonight, please?”

David leant down and kissed his forehead. “I’m here.”

“I mean, together, in the same bed. Be here for me so I know that I’m safe.”

“If it helps you then okay, I’ll stay.” David flicked off the lamp and settled beneath the duvet, Edward snuggling into him, David repeatedly kissing his forehead and stroking his hair until they both fell asleep. When they awoke that morning, their limbs were knotted together, as if they were playing twister again, their heads leaning against each other, lips millimetres apart. Both wondered from their dreams whether they had actually kissed one another during the night, or whether that was actually part of their dreams.

26th September

Since joining Hounslow, David detested Edgar Laurelhurst and his gang of cronies. But this day, not only did he hate him, but also that he almost loved him for causing an almost rocky moment, ending in sheer bliss. It was another training session that Wednesday afternoon, and now that David was much better thanks to Edward, the lads were leading the ladies in the Waltz, David much more confident in leading Anne, gaining some promising remarks from Mr Dubois and Mrs Dancy. Unfortunately, Edgar was placed next to David in the line, who instead of focusing on leading Jenna, he was determined to find out exactly what had happened last night between Edward and David, in the famous Edgar fashion, tormenting.

Moving closer towards David and Anne, Edgar whispered to David as they clashed into each other, Jenna tittering due to Edgar’s two left feet, Jenna being one of the many females intending on competing in the nationals, and needed Edgar to notch up to gain them a place. “Hey Dave, what’s it like to dance with a female?”

David, now distracted, muttered back. “What are you babbling about? I’m trying to concentrate! Why are you asking me? You’re dancing with one, ask yourself!”

“Well you know, I know you like men, but you don’t have to admit it.”

Mr Dubois noticed the interaction between the two as he continued to observe for errors. “Focus David! Move away from David and focus on your own partner Edgar!” Both ignored Mr Dubois’ commands, and continued on their conversation.

“What? This is my first partner! I’m a newbie at dance.”

“Yeah, first dancing partner other than the pansy over there.” Edgar’s raising voice led to faces turning to them, Edward’s included. “We know you were trying to concentrate but you couldn’t help it. I told you not to bond with him.”

“How do you…?”

Edgar shared his explanation, loud and clear enough so that everyone in the hall could hear him, David trying to keep a fixed face with flushing. “I saw you pair in the house last night. It was just before bed, and your door was slightly open because of the heat. You pair were near enough naked, and dancing oh so close next to one another. Literally, your bodies were pressed up together. I bet both of you are wanting it, if you know what I mean,” Edgar sniggered, knowing that if he didn’t watch his movements then he was done for, but nonetheless continued. “You fancy the pants off him don’t you? Both of you do but you’re too afraid to be open. You can’t resist him and his body, touching each other where none would dare. Everyone technically knows you’re together.”

An embarrassed David tried to fight back, holding his violence back. “Shut up!”

“You’re blushing! Aww, you’re in love.” Edgar cocked his head, twirling Jenna so that he could capture Edward’s face, which was also rosy pink. “And so is he.” Anne and Jenna gave queer looks at David, Anne rather disgusted by it all. “Oh lord, you’re not are you?”

“No I’m not!”

“Liar. You want to take him to your bed, for him to ride you and play a little tune on your flute until you can’t see straight and then in return you want to fuck him. Oh you’re going to make music tonight honey.” Completely losing it from Edgar’s tormenting, and right now everyone practically giggling and mocking David and Edward, David broke away from Anne, shoved Jenna out of the way for protection – her screaming in panic – and turned to Ed, whispering to him “I’m so sorry Ed” and punched Edgar in the face, where it turned into a fistfight, the couples clearing the space for them to fight. Mr Dubois and Mrs Dancy with some of the students tried to haul the pair away from each other, some feeling sorry for the blond, others wanting to know who exactly David was in love with.

Edgar yelled as Mr Dubois kept a firm grip on him so that he couldn’t pounce back on David. “Admit that your love with him! Admit it!”

David was in the same situation, being restrained by George and Alec. “Shut up you tosser!”

“Oh please, you’re gay and you know it!”

Because David was injured from the fight – Edgar clearly the better boxer – he was sent to the nurse’s office, and Edgar was sent straight to Garrison’s office for starting the fight and tormenting David. The girls’ left within minutes, not bothering to change back into uniform, where they departed the school back to St Anne’s, and the boys were made to change and head on back to dorms.

By the time David was patched up from the grazes and a nosebleed, mostly everyone had left the changing rooms, most not bothering to change and just leaving with their gym bags. Planning to take a shower in the house, David grabbed his belongings from the bench, only to find a naked Edward coming back from the shower in nothing but a thin, short towel barely covering his privates.

Noticing the image of Edward, David’s eyes went misty and fluttery, his breath hitching. Head going fuzzy, he had to grab onto the door to keep his balance. Ed noticed David completely aroused and questioned him, concerned for his friend. “Dave?”

“God you’re beautiful and I’m done with waiting.”

“David, what are you…?” But Edward was cut off as David dropped his things and backed Edward into the wall,  an inch or so apart as David tentatively trailed fingertips down Edward’s body, blindly aiming towards his lower half. Edward went crimson as David leant in to kiss him. As much as Edward wanted to kiss him, and do certain things to him, from the scenario less than thirty minutes ago, Edward couldn’t come to the conclusion of acceptance, and was pulling back, pulling David away from him.

Managing to catch his breath back after a near forceful smooch, he mind went ablaze, voice bellowing at David. “What the hell David? You broke away from me in Twister, you defend yourself from Edgar and deny your feelings to your love and deny your sexuality just to try and snog me afterward? You can’t have more than one!”

David’s mind went blank and then tried to correct Edward. “I’m sorry?”

“What are you trying to do? Test your work on me to see if you’re good enough?”

“I. What, no! You don’t understand! If you think…”

“How long have you desired him? The one you love?”

“Since my Birthday, but there was something I loved about him since that first day on the train. I just didn’t realise how much I was in love with him.”

“Bloody hell. More importantly have you considered how I feel? You can’t kiss someone else than the one you fall for!”

Now David was confused but backed away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you didn’t love me in that way. From the gestures you’ve done on me I thought you did. Arrange for a new roommate or don’t bother speaking or making contact with me if you wish.” David slowly backed away, grabbed his things and departed to Ashbury house, not greeting anyone on the way in or back out of the house afterward, which was unusual for him.

Leaving Edward in the wet room to dry himself off, he realised that David had mentioned since the first day on the train. The only one he met on the train was he. David was denying his affections to Edgar in order to protect him, meaning that he did love him, and more importantly, wanted him, not Jason. Edward banged his fists on the wall and shouted in frustration, letting his anger of misjudging Dave come out. “Oh shit!! Ah crap! I’m such a bloody idiot!” Realising Dave’s intentions and his love for him, he knew what he had to do. After drying off, Edward grabbed his things and sprinted back to the house, finding George near the dining room. Edward grabbed onto George’s arm to stop him from reaching the first step. “Have you seen Dave?”

“Are you alright? He seemed pretty upset when he came in.”

“Have you?”

“He said he needed to go to the thinking spot, whatever that is?”

“You’re a lifesaver, thank you so much.” Edward darted up the stairs to their room and dropped his belongings on the bed, not bothering to change into ordinary clothes, leaving half of his uniform on – the blazer and tie discarded with the top two buttons on his shirt open. Edward then sprinted back down the stairs, taking two at a time and trying not to misguide his feet. George was on his way up the stairs when Edward had passed him.

“What happened?”

“He kissed me, I backed off, thought he loved Jason. Says he’d been in love with him since meeting on the train and then left. Realised what he said, realised it’s me he wants, not him.”

“But where are you going?”

“Sorry, can’t stop!! Need to apologise!”

Edward hurried down the stairs, almost tripping himself up and raced out of the front door, leaving George alone on the staircase. Crossing the fields into the woodland, he found David parched up against the same tree that became a sanctuary for them – an old oak tree, providing lots of shade and privacy. Thankfully the caretaker had properly cleared this part of the woodland, and it was still surrounded with other trees, deep into the woodland so that others couldn’t see them. David’s head was in his hands as he choked a few sobs, unable to look at Edward.

Edward kneeled down and placed his chin on David’s crown. “Dave? I’m so sorry. I never realised until I sussed it out for myself.”

David never looked up. “What’s the plan then? Where am I moving to?”

“There’s no change. Well, one maybe, depending on you and whether you’ll accept it or not, which I hope you do because I’d really love it and you would too and we both know that.”

David was then alert and couldn’t help but stare in awe at Edward as David’s head moved out of position, rising up to meet Edward’s as he also moved, where they bumped noses, staring into each other’s eyes. “And that is?”

Edward’s hand went from David’s left shoulder to cupping his neck, the other hand at the hem of his t-shirt. “Does it need saying?”

“Yes. Tell me.”

Edward crawled a little closer so that he was straddling David. One hand came into David’s hair, the other sliding up from his left thigh up towards his arm as he muttered his confessions. “I’m so stupid Dave, really stupid. I never realised you were talking about me and not Jason. I love you so much so please forgive me.” Diving in, his eyes fluttered shut, his stomach coiling as he gently latched lips with David, as David allowed his heart to rule his mind, thinking ‘sod it, the time to wait is over’, Edward’s one hand in David’s hair, the other cupping his cheek. David’s voice hitching, David surrendered and relished in Edward kissing him, giving just as much back, one hand going into Edward’s hair, the other gripping Edward’s shirt at the back, trying to pull him closer still.

Jason kissing him was one thing, but Edward kissing him was on a complete different level. A man there who wasn’t with anyone else and who deeply loved him, someone to call his own. He just couldn’t understand how Edward could possibly love him. Breaking away for air and David moaning from loss of contact, Edward’s eyes were asking for apologies. A hand came to cup David’s face to wipe the tears away that were forming.

“You are so beautiful, Dave, so incredibly gorgeous.” Noticing the tears, his voice was soft and warm. “What’s wrong hun? Shh, it’s okay, you can tell me.”

More tears came. “Look at me, I’ve put on weight! How can I be beautiful? I’m ghastly! I’m disgusting, ugly and repulsive! How could you possibly love something like this? How could you even love me, never mind even look at me?” David set his eyes on his own stomach, his voice aching with disappointment.

Edward leant in and repeatedly kissed him in different places, leaning back. “So? I think that you’re beautiful anyway. I’ve always thought that you were gorgeous, ever since I first laid eyes on you in the cabin. Beauty is in everything, and it’s certainly in you. You’re not disgusting, and ugly and repulsive. You’re a wonder, amazing and incredibly sexy. You’re stunning and very, very attractive.” Edward leaned down slightly to lift David’s t-shirt up, David protesting as Edward tried to take his top off, his hands covering Edward’s.

David’s tone reduced to a whisper. “Won’t someone see us?”

Edward replied at the same level. “No one ever comes here, and the caretaker isn’t here either. We’re surrounded in woodland, so no, no one will see us.” David backed down and lifted his arms up, the tee coming away off his head as it was gently placed on the grass. Edward then leant forward – hands gripping onto David’s hips for support – and repeatedly openly kissed David’s stomach, working his way from the dusting of hairs at the navel up to meet David’s lips, his wet tongue and wet lips dancing across his skin, David’s hands travelling to Edward’s hair, lightly tugging as he leant in and pulled Edward’s head closer in, giving Edward the encouragement to keep kissing him, the tears soon drying stop and being replaced with moans.

“So gorgeous you are, my gorgeous Dave,” Edward repeatedly muttered as he worked his way up, David moaning. “Ed, you’re so incredible, so amazing… and tempting… please, more.”

David didn’t bother to protest as he was kissed again. A hand went back to running fingers through David’s hair. Breaking away, Edward smirked. “And to be fair, I quite like the taste of your lips.”

A hand went to the back of Edward’s neck, and stroked the small hairs there, eyes filled with lust, the other hand stroking up and down Edward’s arm. “Hmm, what do I taste of?”


“Well that would be because I ate a blueberry muffin for lunch – along with other things, although I’m hungry again now…” David wildly grinned, “and not just for food.”

“Good, and what about me?” David chastely kissed Edward, coming to a conclusion.

“Vanilla. Then again you always smell of Vanilla, which I have a craving for.”

Edward’s tone went low, his eyes darkening in want. “And what about the rest of your body?”

Seemingly interested, and the fact that David couldn’t help the endless train of thoughts, he went on his own instincts, driving Edward back towards him, where he lowly growled. “Hmm, you’ll have to taste me and find out.”

“Free servings for me then.”

“Oh just shut up and kiss me!” And then David was back at Edward’s lips, unable to help himself, Edward losing control of himself.

“Forgiven,” David muttered through kisses, Edward lowering him into the grass under the tree as they snogged, David undoing the buttons to Edward’s shirt and slipping it off him as he rolled them over and went for Edward’s collarbone, nipping, licking and sucking, working his way south as he lost control of his hips, which were thrusting into Edward’s, Edward trying not to scream. Edward soon rolled them back over. The only thing whilst both were easily distracted, David had the thoughts of the law and the school in his mind, which led him to back out, just as Edward was undoing the button on his jeans and pulling his zip down.

A forceful hand came up to Edward’s chest. “No, wait!”

“What is it? Am I going too far?”

“Well if I’d of let you continue then maybe.”

“It’s the rules of the school isn’t it?” Edward whispered as their noses bumped, both still rather close together.

“No, it’s the law. I’m barely 16 and you’re only 15, even if we are rather mature for our age. We can’t take this too far, and we’re going to have to be very discreet about this otherwise it’s the end for both of us.”

“Basically keep it low and we’ll be fine?”

“Well, George has an idea about what is going on and he knows to keep quiet about it otherwise his secret girlfriend goes public.”

“Just George then?”

“Yeah,” David growled.

Edward leant down to trace David’s earlobe, grazing it, allowing his tongue to trace it. “But haven’t you ever thought about doing ‘it’?”

David moaned, trying to keep his moans low just in case people heard them, Edward kissing David to hush his moans. “Yes, it never leaves my mind, but as much as I’d love to do it with you, I’m not going to break the law.”

“Aww, not a rebel.”

“Not when criminality is involved.”

“I would, even if the law says no until we’re eighteen. I would have you here right now if it came to it, literally either I make you come or you do it to me, either way, it’d be hot and I wouldn’t regret it, but I respect your choices.” Instead, Edward just kissed his way down David, planting a trail of kisses down south to where his modesty regions lay.

“You do know that from next week we might not see each other as much?”


“The dance competition. We might get picked and…”

Edward kissed his protests away, David soon giving in, the kisses turning sloppy and dirty as hands roamed everywhere. “Ssh my love, we’ll find a way; now back to the house or stay here?”

“The house. At least then we have more privacy. One more kiss first though.” Edward plastered himself to David, kissing where he could until David shoved Edward off him, trying to keep his voice low from moaning. He outstretched a hand so that Edward could get back up onto two feet. Once David and Edward were fully dressed again – Edward leaving the top two buttons of his shirt open, they left the sanctuary behind hand in hand back to Ashbury, more or less sprinting back, eager to be alone and finish what they had started. Tiptoeing through the front door and checking to see whether the hallway and upstairs landing was clear, both climbed the stairs back to their room. George was coming out of his own room when he noticed the pair grinning, hands glued together. He waited a few moments to see if his instincts were true.

As soon as they were inside, David locked the door as he was spun around and pinned to the door, Edward peeling his own shirt off as well as pulling off David’s T-Shirt, soon going for the rest of David’s clothing as Edward left butterfly kisses down David, shimmying out of his own trousers and undergarments, where he stopped at David’s inviting member, both of them now stark naked. Twitching with want from all the snogging outside and the thoughts of doing it together, David uttered a confession, eyeing his member and then gazing at Edward, his eyes wide as he was eager to touch and intake.

“Go for it.” And then Edward set straight to work, David moaning and cursing as his head hit the door, Edward making him weak. His knees about to give way, his hands went to Edward’s shoulders. “Ed, Ed hun, no wait! Can’t hold on… ah, fuck! Bed now!” Ed instantly moved away with a pout and got back up onto his feet, carrying a shivering David over and gently placing him onto bed as he crawled up, spreading David’s legs apart so he could continue, David erratically moaning as his head fell back into the pillows and used the headboard to grab onto as he was taken apart. They only hoped that no one could hear them.

‘Mission accomplished,’ George silently muttered to himself when he heard the fumbling about and hushed moans.

Not long after a student paid a visit to Ashbury. Supposedly the student named Michael was seeking help from the school prodigy on English Literature. Knocking on the door, a few wild moans could be heard from the other side. George, who had not long returned to his room, came out to find the younger student waiting patiently.

Striding over, knowing that the poor student wasn’t going to get any help tonight by the way things were turning out, George stood next to him and tapped his shoulder. “You after Edward mate?”

“Yes. He said he would help me with my work on King Lear.”

George presented a grin and threw his arm around the younger student, leading him back down the stairs towards the study. “Did he? Well, he hasn’t been too brilliant in the last hour or so. Had a bit of a bust up with his friend and now they’re patching things up so it’d be best to see him another time.”

“But I’m sure I heard moaning, and moaning of not that sort, almost erotic if anything.”

“They’re probably having a debate over certain techniques of granting satisfaction between them,” George trying to hide his innuendo there. They managed to get back onto the ground floor. “Never mind that now, anything I can help you with?”

“This assignment I have if you don’t mind?”

“Of course not, I’ll just let Edward know later on at dinner that I’ve took over the tutoring for today.”

“That’s very kind of you.”

“I know it is.” And off they went into the study, George thinking to himself. ‘You owe me for this boys’, but happy for the fact that they were finally together.



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