Finding the Perfect Companion: Chapter Fourteen

In this chapter: This chapter follows on from Chapter Thirteen. David’s parents make a return and visit their son at Hounslow, where they met Edward’s grandparents. Jason has a new boyfriend and the performance takes place, Edward giving everyone a little surprise. Edward returns back to London.

8th December

Following a night of being finally reunited together and passion, Edward was the first of the two lads to awake the morning after. Movements could be heard outside their room of students and particularly Grace bustling about making sure that the house was spick and span before the students’ parents and friends arrived. Grace came to the door and tried to budge it open, knowing that their families would shortly be there, and that presumably neither were up and she had no time for slackers that morning.  Finding it locked, she instead banged on the door to grab the lads’ attention. “Boys, come on! Up and at ’em!”

David, who possessed Edward by using his arms and body to pin him to the bed, grumbled as he shuffled, leaning closer to the taller man, mumbling words into the crook of his neck. “Don’t want to get up, m’comfy!” Edward attempted to stretch, yawned and tilted his head to the clock, which read 9:59am. Edward sighed as he knew they should have been up ages ago. “Great.” Edward’s hand rubbed David’s shoulder. “Dave, c’mon, get up.”

More grumbling came, which to Edward’s ears was inaudible. “What for?”

Edward’s hand moved to caress his neck and cheek, softly speaking. “Look, we can sleep later. Parents will be here within two hours. We need to be up and make sure that the place is tidied, and right now it’s cluttered with our discarded clothes from last night and sheet paper for our music is scattered everywhere, remember?”

Memories of what had happened the night before traced David’s brain, David smirking at some of the thoughts, which drifted to where they were now. “Bugger!” David moaned as he pulled himself up to meet Edward, a small grin attached to him as he greeted his lover. “Morning, beautiful.” David pulled himself closer to kiss Edward lazily, Edward lightly patting his shoulder. “Come on you, a shower for both of us is needed.”

David pulled away, nibbling his ear, not wanting to get out of bed. “Don’t you want to kiss me though? I know you do.”

“Yeah I do…” Some more kissing, Edward breaking away, “… but we also need to get ready. Don’t worry, we can kiss lots later, and maybe something else too…”Edward finished where he left off, pushing forward so it tempted David to get out of bed. Breaking apart, David slipped out of the bed and went into their closest to get their uniforms out whilst Edward made the bed. Placing the two uniforms on the bed for them to get into once they had showered, they cleaned up the discarded clothing from the night before, placing them into the washing basket to be washed the day after, and then picked up a clean set of underwear each, going into the shower to cleanse themselves up, as well as for more kissing.

A quick shower would have them pacing around the room trying to dry themselves and each other off and change into their uniforms – Edward loving the feel of how the uniform was back on him and how it fitted him perfectly. They done up each other’s ties and went into the closest room to get their instruments out, leaning them against the wall for later. Making sure that the room was presentable enough to have their parents in it; David clasped Edward’s hand once he had his glasses on. David went for the door handle as he turned to Edward, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. “Ready?”

Edward squeezed back, a comforting smile on his face. “Ready.” Edward then followed David – closing the door behind him – and went down the stairs into the front room, where they were greeted with the other students. Edgar was the first to greet them as they came into the front room, Edgar surprisingly jolly that morning. The lads wondered whether he’d already had too much sugar, or was he just playing one of his games again? “Morning lads!” Edward tried to remain civil, Edward finding no change in Edgar and refraining to make up. David lightly smiled, both of them taking two chairs next to George. George swivelled on his to turn to the lads, an inexcusable grin on his face, knowing exactly what the pair got up to the night before. “I’m guessing you pair had a good night?”

Edward grinned, knowing that George wouldn’t say anything. “Well, I suppose you could say that.”

“Regardless of you pair making music last night from your hushed moans, gasps and screams, as well as the usual moaning out the other’s name, was it you pair who were playing music last night? Outside your violin playing that is?”

David nudged Edward in the arm, trying to hide the fast-spreading blush across his cheeks. “I told you to keep it down!” Edward clasped David’s hand and held it between his own, lazily stroking patterns. David was soon quiet.

Edward on the other hand was still high as a kite and wasn’t ashamed to admit it. “Yes it was we. We didn’t disturb you did we? If so then we’re sorry.”

“No no, I just wondered.”

Parents began to arrive as students departed the front room and found a place amongst the school to talk to them, showing them around the place. George departed the group when his parents arrived, first introducing David and Edward to them.

“Mom, dad, these are my friends Ed and Dave.” Both of them grinned as they stood and shook hands.

George’s father Frank was a tall, wiry bloke, at least getting on for 6ft 6 inches tall. He had short-cropped ginger hair with green eyes, hidden behind a pair of black thick-rimmed glasses. He spoke with a thick Midlands accent. In turn he shook both hands. “A pleasure.”

Edward went to ask questions. “Are you from Ludlow? You have quite the accent.”

Frank also immediately picked up on Edward’s accent. “You’re Welsh!”

“Yes I am.”

Frank drifted back to the question. “No, I moved there ages ago, well before George was born. I’m from Dudley.”

“Ah okay.” Next to greet was his mother Heather. She was a short, plump woman with short sandy hair and bright blue eyes. She held a thick Northern accent, coming from Preston, even though she had been living in Ludlow for two decades. “You’re the lads from the competition. George has mentioned so much about you and the problems both of you have had to overcome. I know Garrison is no longer here, but you pair as well as everyone else here deserve the freedom you both seek.” She then gave them both a hug.

“Thank you,” they muttered in unison.

George turned to the boys, wanting some time alone with his parents, considering that it had been a while since he last spoke to them. “We’ll see you later at the match?”

“Yeah, we should come down. If not we’ll see you at the show.” The trio wandered off upstairs. Having the front room to themselves, they snuggled up on the sofa together watching some mindless daytime TV whilst waiting for their families. Grace came in to notify them not long after. “Lads…” both turned from the TV towards the door.”They’re here.” Switching it off, they both got up and came to the door. Sylvie and Kathleen fronted the group of four in conversation, Alfred and Peter following them, also in conversation.

Kathleen pulled both of them in for a hug, regardless if Edward was still technically a stranger to her, but knowing that Edward had made her son a change man, and for the better, she was happy too. “My boys.” Pulling away, Kathleen and Peter noticed the change in their son. “My goodness, how you’ve changed!” Edward noticed the resemblance between David and Peter and noted. “You’re the spitting image of your dad and you’ve got the warm heart of your mum.”

“Now now, he’s more like his dad than me.”

“Nonsense.” Alfred and Sylvie hugged their grandson following with hugging David. Edward eyed them all. “Shall we go upstairs?”

The lot went up to their room. Because of her back, Sylvie took the desk chair, having a cushion behind her to support it. Alfred, Peter and Kathleen took Edward’s bed to place themselves on whilst David and Edward flopped down into the beanbags, making them touch so that they can lean into each other. The striking change of the Chamberlain’s was that the parents were tanned compared to their pasty selves when they were in England, and that was the first thing David picked up on.

“You’ve tanned! Dad, you never tan!”

“We’re living in Manhattan. September was rather warm and my tan is only just gradually fading. It’s actually rather cold up there at the moment, so it’s good to be back in Britain for a few days.”

Edward then spoke, wondering what the Chamberlain’s future plans held. “When do you go back and are you returning for Christmas? Or is your residency in the US now permanent?”

Peter continued. “We’re there until May. We won’t be down for Christmas.” David had guessed as much but said nothing.

“And what do you work as?”

“Kath here works as a tour guide, where she’s up in America until April and I’m an architect. The US wants more space for building houses so my company called me on the job to do the designs and preparations for them to build them. These types of homes are for the rich. As I don’t earn too much money here and this one came with all of the goodies, I thought why not?”

Alfred was a little confused over their ambitions, and wanted to hear a direct answer off them considering their son. “So let me get this straight. You jet off to America and leave your son behind when he’s at his most vulnerable? Why?”

“Well, we weren’t going to leave him in a school where no one can keep an eye on him, so we got him the best place money can buy.”

David remembered how exactly he’d been accepted into Hounslow, the reveal all them months ago still clenching in his heart, David still partially unhappy with their decision. “Yeah, thanks to uncle Rob, and I’m on a scholarship so technically I cheated my way in here. It’s basically the bargain buy!”

“But then he has no parents, no one to turn to when things get tough. I mean it’s your choice what you do but I couldn’t do that.” Technically Alfred nor Sylvie had done that either. Although Alfred at one point was a wealthy businessman, being head of some mega cooperation, whenever he had to get off to some country such as America or Japan, Sylvie or at least a nanny was there to take care of the children, and this would only be for a few days.

Peter dropped the conversation and turned to Edward with a stern look, Edward’s answers turning into muffled whimpers, which worried David as to what was coming next. “So you’re the lad who’s dating my son?”


“And where in Wales are you from?”

“Pembroke, South Wales.”

“Are your parents in a good position?”

The question stung Edward, no matter the amount of times he’d been asked. “My parents are dead. They died four years ago.”

Peter stopped, his voice filling with anger. but sympathising for the loss of his parents. “Oh, I’m sorry about that. So you’re the one who’s caused my son to be in a further mess?” Peter got angry, tears spilling down Edward’s cheeks, petrified of what to say or think. “Leaving him behind and making sure that he almost died because you coiled him and wrapped him around your little finger into a relationship?” In turn, this made David furious.

“Dad! He’s done nothing of the sorts! In fact he’s made me a better man! It’s Garrison and his cronies that made me worse. He flipping expelled him! It’s Garrison who hit me and put me in a position where I needed urgent medical attention.” Tears continued to trickle down Edward’s face as David pulled him into a hug, hand rubbing down his back as he planted light kisses in his hair, on his cheeks and lips to soothe him as he wiped the tears away with his other hand. “Ssh, it’s okay. Dad’s just being an arse!”

Sylvie turned to Peter, also disgusted with him . “That wasn’t very nice. Apologise right now!”

Kathleen muttered to her husband. “Now look what you’ve done!” Peter came to realise just how much they were in love with each other, Peter initially thinking that his son was just going through a phase, David being at a point where he’s learning to discover who he is, want he wants and where he stands on the planet. Kathleen continued. “You’re not getting any grandchildren Peter, get used to it!”

Edward pulled away, his eyes red from sobbing as he tried to explain, his voice croaking. “Please Mr Chamberlain; I seek no intention to harm your son. I’d never do that. But I’m very much in love with him and that’s the main reason why I’m fighting to come back here. I’m fighting for freedom and I’m fighting for your son because no matter how much people hurt me, I could never let him go. He’s all I’ve got.”

Peter dropped his anger, his tone much softer, trying not to be too nosy. “When did you find out that you liked men?”

“He’s the only one I’ve ever loved, so it might not be men in general, it could just be Dave.” Sylvie continued from where Edward left off. “Mr and Mrs Chamberlain, I can assure you that this is the truth. Edward never had any friends before David started to attend here, so therefore never had a partner, Dave being his first love. He was always quiet and alone and bullied as a result of having no friends. To be honest, I was shocked to hear that Edward had made friends, never mind having a boyfriend. On the day that we came up to collect Edward, he explained his and David’s relationship to me. When I saw David that day running to the house and straight into Edward’s arms, begging him to stay with tears in his eyes, I was proud to see the two of them in love. Look at them now; I’ve never seen my grandson so happy. Have you ever seen your son like this?”

“To be honest, no.” Peter turned back to his son, who was back at having intimate moments with Edward. “So, where did you discover your for men son? And what was Jason all about?” Edward stiffened at that, David soothing him. Kathleen was overjoyed to see the two of them so intrigued with each other. “Look at them Pete, you can tell they are heads over arse for each other. Ed’s got his arms lovingly wrapped around David’s waist as Dave leans into him, planting kisses on him every two and a half seconds or nosing his cheek, Edward doing the same. You can see that they are happy to be with the other, knowing that the other is theirs to hold and cherish.”

David then started explaining the events, Edward carrying on from where David left off. “Well, when I met Jason in the park the night before I left London, well, he knew I didn’t want to leave, and he mentioned about giving me a departing kiss. I knew he was dating Katherine at the time and I thought he meant it jokingly, but he was serious. He kissed me and I kissed him back because it was rather delicious and I got carried away. It started from there. Because he was dating someone else I knew it wasn’t right. And when I met Edward on the train coming here my first thought – other than being happy that I stumbled across someone who is a bookworm – I thought, damn he’s gorgeous. That’s sort of where my tastes for men occurred.”

“As did I. When I glanced on him stumbling into the cabin from managing to open the stiff door, grabbing my attention, my heart knew what it wanted.” David grinned and Edward leant in to kiss him lovingly. Breaking away, Edward continued,

“We’ve dated since late September, but we were falling for each other much earlier than that, we just couldn’t see it and then when we knew we were in love, neither of us had the balls to tell each other.”

“Edward! What have I said about swearing?”

Edward sheepishly grinned. “Sorry, nan.”

“Edgar sort of outed me whilst we were still practising with our partners, which I tried to deny it. He said that I was gay – as in pooping glitter and rainbows out of my arse – and that I knew it, but was scared to come out in front of everyone, especially when Garrison is a walking talking bible. He said that I was in love with Ed…”

“…And Edgar had been taking the piss out of me because of my sexuality for years, thinking that because I didn’t hang around with anyone or I’d never had a girl it meant I liked men, and when he had a go at me when we first met and Dave was being nice to me, he instantly thought that we were dating, and has took it out on us since.”

“So after he outed me, Ed and I were alone in the shower rooms and I kissed Ed. I know, dumb idea just in case anyone walked in. He thought I was still in love with Jason and took it the wrong way.”

“And then I realised what he had said about being in love with me for ages and found him in our thinking spot – it’s deep in the woodland where no one bothers going – and then I apologised to him, said I took it the wrong way and realised what he had said, and then knowing where our hearts lay, we snogged the life out of each other and it went from there.” Edward blushed over re-visiting that scene, David closing his eyes to picture it out in front of him. “We dare not mention the rest of the details.”

Interrupting them, Grace knocked on the door, two lads behind her. “Boys, Jason’s arrived.” She moved out of the way to allow the two to come in. The other lad was as tall as Jason with very short brown hair and also wearing dark clothing, Jason having not changed a bit. Jason was beaming as David got up from the beanbag and embraced him. “Nice to see you, old friend.”

“And you.” Pulling away, he turned to the other male, studying him with satisfaction, eyeing Jason. “And who’s this?”

Jason lovingly wrapped his arms around the bloke, affectionately kissing him like it wouldn’t make a difference to anyone else. “This is Daniel Talbot. We haven’t long been together.”

Daniel outstretched a hand, which David took as they shook hands, Daniel over to the moon to finally meet Jason’s closest friend. “It’s nice to meet you. Jason has mentioned so much about you. I heard about what had happened and we’re fighting for your freedom as well.”

“Thank you. So where did you pair meet?”

“At the old youth group. Daniel’s in his first year of college now.” Jason turned to Daniel. “David left when we were 14.”

“Oh right, that’s why I’ve never met him. Ah you idiot, you should have told me about him, he seems lovely.” Edward stood up just to wrap his arms around David, missing the warmth, where Daniel caught his eye. “And you must be the brilliant yet intelligent Ed McArthur?”

Receiving a compliment from a stranger, Edward beamed, his eyes still stinging from earlier, Edward putting on a brave face. “Yep, that’s me.”

Daniel turned to David. “Aww, he’s sweet and very handsome I must say. Well done, Dave.” All three grinned. The parents went into conversation as they continued.

“How long are you down here for?”

“Until tonight unfortunately. Jason’s parents are shopping in the town and then going to watch a movie whilst we’re here. Once the concert has finished then we’re off.”

“Ah, what a shame.”

“I know.”

Jason curled his fingers around David’s wrist to grab his attention as Daniel continued talking to Edward. “How’s George?”

David gave an affirmative nod. “He’s doing well.” Edward checked his watch, which read 2:30 and then called everyone’s attention. “Right, the football match is starting in half-an-hour, who’s coming?”

“We might as well all go,” Alfred muttered.

Kathleen didn’t mind going, but she’s not that keen on seeing 22 lads kick a ball around for 90 minutes, and she knew that Sylvie sitting out in the cold for that long wasn’t going to do her back any good, so she compromised. “How about Sylvie and I stay here? We’re not big fans of football.”

Edward took that on as a sign that it was just the lads attending the match. “If you want to? We can always come back after and lead you all down into the hall.”

“Yeah alright.” With the party going downstairs, Edward locking the room, Edward went and made two cups of tea for the ladies. Allowing them to rest in the front room with the tea and a plate of biscuits, the rest of the group went towards the fields to watch the game.

After the football match, the lads came back full of conversation to collect the ladies. From there, Edward and David went upstairs to collect their violins, not needing the sheet music through knowing it off by heart.

The party sat near the front as Edward and David were in one of the classrooms having a quick final rehearsal, attempting to get through the pieces without any faults, this being difficult when you couldn’t hear the other playing due to noise everywhere. George and his band were next door, practising their line up of songs, George’s voice filling the place, which didn’t help matters.

Mr Sachs was on the stage as he firstly introduced the dance troupe of Hounslow, working along with the St Anne’s community. This preceeded the Hounslow Orchestra and then the Drama team along with Ian Bower, the magician from Year 9 and Paul Deakin and Nigel Taylor, the comedy duo from Year 12.

Crimson Heart – George’s band – was next on stage, keeping the students and their small cult of followers happy by playing some of their songs from their first E.P, most of these making a debut when they were locally playing in Newbury, saving one new song and the final track to their E.P. for tonight. The band formed of George as lead singer and guitarist, the Glaswegian John McNulty as backup singer and guitarist, the Brummie Will Baker as the drummer and the Devonshire heartthrob Jacob Allan Bexley-Cooper as the bass guitarist.  Finishing off with the song ‘Trampled Rose’, they came to the front of the stage and bowed before the curtains drew so that the crew could get the instruments off the stage. Mr Sachs returned to the stage to introduce the next act.

Behind the stage, Mrs Ellison called David and Edward from out of the classroom to follow her to the stage steps to be introduced in. Mr Sachs began the introduction.

“Now, the next act is something quite magical. For the first time, Edward McArthur will be performing for you all along with his partner David Chamberlain. Initially, Edward was supposed to perform back in Christmas 1990, but due to complications this was put on halt. After a four year break, he is back to do what he should have done back then, only this time it’s better and he comes with a great man at his side, so now I hand you over to the genius himself.” The audience applauded as Edward led the pair onto the stage, the curtains withdrawn. The stage was empty, minus two figures. John stayed behind to add some music into the song through guitar, Kyle Stevens – a year 13 student from the orchestra – was also there playing piano for them. George was initially going to play, but he requested to watch instead, and having the work of his own band involved, he couldn’t do both, so Kyle replaced him.

Edward and David bowed to the audience. Edward introduced them to the audience. “Our first song tonight of three is something in which I initially was to perform four years ago, but because of my parent’s death this was put on halt. This song is called ‘A Garden of Roses.’

Following their first performance, applause was given. They moved into the second song, which they had constructed and composed together, which was called ‘A Winter’s Morning.’

Following the applause of the second song, Edward went to speak again. “Our final song tonight is something I worked on following the death of parents, especially towards my father, who was an incredible man. I haven’t written one for my mother yet, but if I do, then I intend to perform it. Consequently, from its revisions and tweaks, this is one that I shall only perform publicly once. This is called ‘une ode à mon père’, or just in case you’re crap at French, it means ‘An Ode to my Father.”

In result of the final performance, the lads noticed how people begun to weep and were passing around tissues to dry their eyes, knowing that they must have done well. The audience were on their feet applauding, cheering with joy. Jason, Daniel and George had their thumbs up, shouting ‘you did well!’

They bowed and David was walking off stage, Edward remaining where he was and chuckling. The audience were confused. David turned back to find Edward still at centre stage, puzzled as to why he hadn’t moved an inch. “Oh no, I said we were doing three songs together, it didn’t mean I was finished though. Now Dave, I’d like you to come here…” Having the bow and violin in one hand, Edward pointed to this particular spot on the stage, near enough facing him. “…and stand close by watching me.” A member of the crew took hold of David’s violin and bow as David came back to the stage, waiting with interest. Edward gazed at David with certainty, but also eyed the audience, making sure he was loud enough for them to hear him. “Now, I know that you don’t know this, but I wrote this piece when I was back in London over the last month. No one has heard this, not even my grandparents. I’ve never even played it through, so I’m hoping it turns out good. This one is dedicated to you my love.” Edward turned to the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen, my final and only solo piece tonight is called ‘Amour’ Good night everybody!”

Amour, meaning love in French, was a combination of light delicate tones and rather dramatic bursts of energy, forming a representation through music of the life that David has gone through, showing exactly how much David meant to him. David was weeping and the crowd were moved. Edward bowed to the audience as they applauded and wept, David coming up to him and clasping him tight, planting a bruising kiss on his lips as they publicly showed their affections to one another, whispering to one another ‘no hiding’, and then continued to kiss, not making things too explicit for the sake for being in public.

George started off the chants of ‘no hiding’ and ‘fight for freedom’, punching his fist in the air to show his support, Grace soon to join in with the audience, regardless of what the other staff thought, Alex Lewis joining her in the cult, Jason and Daniel joining in to get the audience going. They left the stage for Mr Sachs to conclude the evening to a close, David and Edward going back to the classroom to put away their violins, the crew member handing back David his violin as soon as they came off the stage, the crew clapping as they passed them to head back to the classroom to pack up.

On their way out of the school, they met back up with their party, George hugging his parents as they went for their car to leave Hounslow. Jason turned to George, who was embraced with a hug. “I love your music! Can I buy your album?”

Daniel pulled him away, George a little startled from the spontaneous hug and spoke to George himself, shaking hands with the slightly younger man. “Basically what he is trying to say is, can you come and do some gigs down in London?”

“Well, if we get booked that is.”

“That would be lovely, but yeah, can we buy your album?”

“Well, we can produce two up for you and then because none of the band is from London, I could ask David or Edward to come and bring it to you?”

Both grinned at the three, Edward making arrangements. “Yes of course, we’ll bring it down at Christmas for you.”

“Brilliant.” Jason turned to David and Edward when his parents’ car pulled up. “Well, it’s been brilliant seeing the two of you again, and congratulations on your performances, it was rather moving, especially Amour.”

“Thank you.”

“Yeah, it’s been brilliant, and we’ll visit you both at Christmas.”

“That’d be wonderful. My mother would love to see the both of you. Well, goodbye.” Jason and Daniel hugged the three and then got into the car, driving down the path and out of the school gates. George went back towards the house.

Then it was time for the parents to go. David and Edward walked to the car park where Peter’s car was stationed. Kathleen hugged the pair, as did Alfred and Sylvie, Sylvie having a moment with the two. “Edward, we’ll come down for you at 10 on Monday.”

“Fair enough.”

“David, we’ll meet you at the train station next week. Miss Howard will send us the details.”

“Thank you.” Sylvie joined Alfred in the back of the car, leaving Peter on his own with the two lads.

“Well, it has been quite a day. Now, we must be getting back as we have a plane to catch tomorrow. Now you take care of yourself son.”

“I will.”

“We’ll send your presents to Edward’s address so that you can open them. I’ll give the notice for the rest of the family to do the same.”

After Peter’s harsh words on the afternoon, David and Edward were shocked to hear such a statement come from him. “You’re letting me stay at Ed’s for Christmas?”

“After tonight, I’ve noticed that you’re that in love with each other, I can’t stop you. You’re a good man to him, and he’s a good man for you. I’m proud of you son and you were fantastic tonight.” They shared a hug. Peter turned to Edward.

“I apologise for what I said earlier. I know now that you love him to bits you can’t let him go and you wouldn’t lay a finger on him and hurt him in any way, in fact you’d probably go and beat someone up if they did. You were incredible tonight and I’m proud of you as well.” They also shared a hug. “Thank you.”

“Now, we better get going. I’ll see you pair soon.” Peter got into the car, started the engine and drove off, the three passengers in the car waving as they departed, David and Edward waving back.

Edward nudged David’s arm, David trying not to fall asleep on the spot. “Come on love, let’s go home.” Edward clasped David’s hand as they walked back to the house.

Once they were back in the house, they had a quick bite to eat and a drink and went upstairs. Placing their violins away in the closest and changing out of their uniforms so that they were ready for bed, Edward slipped into bed next to David and flicked off the light, opening his arms for David to cocoon in.

They were near enough comfy, the only sounds coming from outside their room, when David broke the silence. “Ed?”

“Hmm?” David leaned up to kiss Edward’s cheek. “Thank you.”

“What did you think?” Edward didn’t get his hopes up too much considering that it was the first time he’d played the solo piece through, The results through David’s eyes were exceptional though, which made Edward all the more happier.

“You reduced me to tears and a weeping mess you sod. Other than that, it was beautiful.”

“Good. I’m glad you loved it. You played perfectly tonight, well done.” Leaning down, Edward closed his lips on David, lazily smooching in the darkness as they shuffled around to get comfy.

10th December

The majority of Sunday was spent together. Even though Edward was a guest at the house, it didn’t stop him from completing chores and helping out the other students, who still had a week to go before they could return home for the holidays. The morning was spent washing clothes, and then after lunch, washing and drying up plates, not forgetting to mention the love-making on the night, David cutting the ribbon and being a rebel.

On the Monday morning that Edward was due to return back to London, Edward woke up especially early and went to make breakfast, leaving David in bed.

David twisted himself on the bed to find the bed empty. Panicking, he shot out of bed and checked the clock, thinking that 10am had already passed and Edward had long gone. Finding it only six-thirty-eight in the morning, the panic was over as he settled back into bed. Edward came up with a plate of food and two cups of tea on a tray, David soon falling back asleep. Placing the tray onto the desk table, he crossed the room and placed the mugs onto the bedside table, switching the alarm off in the process. Easing himself onto the bed, he kissed David awake, David lazily moaning. “Hun, wakey wakey.”

“What?” David’s eyelids flickered open, being met with a wide grin. “Ed?”

“Morning muffin! I made brekkie!”

A sign of appreciation came across David’s face. “You what?”

“I made breakfast. Have to treat my darling before I wander off back to the old town.” Edward got up from the bed and swaggered his way over to the desk to pick up the tray, David’s eyes following Edward’s movements, a sly, devilish grin on his face. “I hope you’re in the mood for toast, fried eggs, sausages, hash browns and beans.”

“I’m in the mood for something else as well but that’s a different story.” Returning, David shuffled over for Edward to climb back in, David taking the tray from him. “Hmm, maybe you’ll get it as a Christmas present off me.”

“Cheeky sod! No birthday present then.” David took a slice of toast and munched on it. “Mugs are on the bedside table just in case you’re thirsty.”

Swallowing the bite of toast, the same devilish grin had remained, David letting his eyes wander down Edward and to what was underneath the duvet, Edward suddenly going very warm, knowing David’s thoughts. “Yeah, not for tea though.”

“Oi! Pack it in you or you’re not coming for Christmas.” David made a pout and ate in silence; Edward secretly chuffed as he managed to keep his boyfriend quiet and eating again.

Following breakfast, Edward collected the items and placed them back onto the tray, taking them downstairs. Grace was already down there as she collected the items off him and began to wash up, not to mention the mess that Edward had left behind, Grace not too happy on that one, Edward returning back to their room. Meanwhile. David slid out of bed and made it, collecting his uniform from out of the closest room and hanging it up on the door. Closing the door behind him and locking it to prevent intruders, Edward went into the closest room and collected a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a black jumper, placing these onto the desk chair along with his coat.

From behind, Edward grabbed hold of David and brought him towards the bathroom. “Come on you, school won’t begin later just for our sakes.” David simply followed in the direction he was pulled as they got to the door. “How was it?”

“It was delicious.”

“Like me then?”

“Yeah.” And then they kissed their way past the door towards the shower.

As David finished getting his uniform on, Edward was already dressed as he begun to pack his bag for his return trip home, David a little unhappy that he couldn’t stay for longer. “Do you have to leave me so soon?”

Edward nudged David as he done up the buttons on his blazer, sorting his shirt collar and tie out. “We’ll be back together in a week time.”

Edward then pulled the jumper down, making him look presentable, David whinging as fingertips traced Edward’s lower neck.  “I know, but can’t the week go faster?”

“Don’t we all wish that?”

“I suppose.”

Edward leant in to briefly kiss David. “Now, we better get you into school this morning.” Collecting his books and placing them into his bag, he done up his laces on his shoes and grabbed Edward’s hand, closing the door behind them as they left the house and strolled down to the school.

They patiently waited outside the classroom for David’s teacher; the other students not bothered what they got up to until the teacher arrived. With the teacher coming down the corridors and opening up the classroom for them to go in, David and Edward shared a departing hug, this time the pair not so upset.

“I’ll see you next Saturday.”

“Don’t annoy the tutor.”

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

“I won’t. I promise.” Kissing each other, Edward was left in the corridor as David and the other students went inside, David waving as he passed the door. Once the door was closed and the lesson began, he left the building and went to finish off packing for departing back for London.


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