About Myself.

My name is Natasha, but I’m better known as Tash, Tasha or ginger – if you come from my university. I’m 19 years of age – physically I look a lot older, at least around 22.

Born in Birmingham, I’ve lived my entire life in Smethwick. I currently live in a semi-detached house in the Warley region with my dad, nan and sister. Currently I’m a student studying History at Newman University, Bartley Green in south Birmingham (formerly known as Newman University College), where I’m in my 2nd year. Outside my studies, I’m hoping to become a teacher whilst writing in my spare time – that’s if I’ll get any spare time outside everything else.

The idea for this blog is to share my stories. I first got into writing when I was at school at the age of 15. My English teacher asked us for our coursework to write a short, fictional story. Because I’d gone through quite a bit during the last few years, I based the story on a character who was leading a life similar to mine, who came to a grim end – which I almost ended up at. My teacher acknowledged my story and mentioned that I’d be good at storytelling – providing that my grammar improved. My short story eventually turned into a full-length novel, which the story is not complete.

All currently professionally unpublished, I wrote my first full-length novel last year and I’m now writing the first to a series of novels.

Outside of writing I’m an avid reader as well as blogger (using Tumblr to blog). I sometimes go out and invest in a social life, not pretty often though. I’m currently single, which I would like to find someone. I love my music – not today’s stuff though. My interests focus on bands such as Keane (all-time favourites), Queen, Muse, Snow Patrol and the Stereophonics and a little bit of Coldplay. I sometimes watch television, where my interests land on period dramas, where I’m currently watching Peaky Blinders, as well as being a fan of sci-fi such as Doctor Who and Star Trek. My Tumblr page will give you a better insight to me.



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